Complete Stump Removal

Get Unsightly Stumps Out of Your Beautiful Yard

A full-grown and well-maintained tree is a glorious addition to your yard, but a stump is not! Unless you are waiting for that stump to grow into a new tree, let the experts at AJAX Tree Service obliterate it.

Our stump removal services will leave you with a clean space for new plantings, lawn seeding, or whatever you want to add to your property.
Stump removal

Roots-And-All Removal Services

Stump root systems can continue to damage your property, even after the tree is dead. Expansion of the roots can impact the building’s foundation and crack your driveway, sidewalk, and other paved surfaces.

We will ensure that our professionals remove not only the stump, but also the root system, which will prevent future issues and repair costs!
Stump removal

Protect Your Property From Stump Problems

Left intact, stumps pose a constant threat to your property.
  • Decrease the beauty of your yard
  • Spread diseases to nearby, healthy trees
  • Damage your lawn mower or other lawn equipment
  • Harbor insects and other pests
Get in touch with our fully insured team of experts for all your stump problems.
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emergency service
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